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  • The WisTLer'sTM Code of Conduct

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When you use the WiSTLTM app, you agree to do so at your own risk and release WiTL LLC dba WisTLTM Corp and its sponsors of all liability. You also assume full responsibility for your actions while WisTLingTM.

WisTLer's Code of Conduct

WisTLing is fun for everyone,

Be considerate of all not just #1.

Be safety-conscious, respectful and law abiding,

Whether walking, driving or bicycle riding.

On a horse, on an atv or however you WisTL,

Always follow the code because it's really quite simple.

WisTL app Terms & Conditions

When you WiTL (use the WiTL app) you agree to and do so under these terms and conditions. You and everyone in your party, WiTL at your own risk. Specifically, that means you release WiTL LLC, its staff, its sponsors and the host of the app from all liability for anything that happens before during and after your WiTL. You also agree to taking full and sole responsibility for anything you and all members of your WiTLing party do before, during and after WiTLing. You and your party agree to adhere to the Witler's Code of Conduct. 

FAQs Coming Soon

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